Update from November 20th, 2017 Meeting

LTDO Welcomed

Candidate for Governor: Daniel Biss. candidates for Attorney General : Pat Quinn, Sharon Fairley and a representative for Nancy Rotering also speaking were candidates for the Illinois 6th Congressional District along the others.

We thank all for attending and becoming an informed electorate.

Help Turn DuPage Blue!

Thank you all for coming to the meeting this week, especially to those who attended for the first time. This weekend we are in the red hot zone to Get Out the Vote!

Here are a couple key events. Check out our calendar to learn more!

Fri, Mar 24 7-9pm, Tandoori Restaurant – Villa Park
Benefit Dinner with Jackie Traynere and Congressman Bill Foster

Sat March 25, 10-6 Canvass and Walk Party
Want to learn more about canvassing or ready to walk? We will be available. Help Turn DuPage Blue!


Updates From the June Meeting

At our June Meeting we heard from a variety of speakers including candidates Greg Hose and Moon Khan.


We discussed the marching in the upcoming Downers Grove and Dairen 4th of July parades (more information on that to come in the next week).
We will also be evaluating the LTDO bylaws for changes. If you would like to assist in making changes to the bylaws, you can find the most recent version on our new website here. Once you have downloaded them you can email your suggested changes tolisletownshipdems@gmail.com (you can also click the mail icon at the bottom of this email). Finally, we need volunteers for open leadership positions. The positions are as follows:

  • Judge Coordinator
  • Election Coordinator
  • Social Events Coordinator
  • Fundraising Coordinator

If you are interested or would like further info, please let us know.