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Register to Vote Online                            Mail in Voting

ova.elections.il.gov/                      www.dupageco.org/Election/Voting/37064/

Remember you register to vote in person the day of the elections at any polling place.


J.B. Pritzker and Juliana Stratton: Think Big  jbpritzker.com


Kwame Raoul: kwameraoul.com

6th Congressional District

Sean Casten: castenforcongress.com

11th Congressional District: Bill Foster  (Incumbent), billfoster.com

11th District Committeemen:

Julia Beckman

6th District Committeemen

Greg Hose

County Board 2:

Liz Chaplin,(Incumbent) lizchaplin.com,

Arlene Kendorski, https://www.facebook.com/akendorskiDPCB2/

County Board 3:

Julie Renehan, julierenehan.com

County Board 5:

Sadia Covert,voteforcovert.com,

Dawn DeSart https://www.desartfordupage.com/

Illinois House

State Rep, 48th District: Terra Costa Howard, tchfor48.com
State Rep, 81st District: Anne Stava-Murray http://www.teamstavamurray.com/
State Rep, 42nd District: Kathy Carrier, votecarrier4rep.com

State Rep, 85th District, John Connor, https://www.facebook.com/RepConnor/

Illinois Senate

State Senate 24th District: Suzann Glowial, suzyforsenate.com
State Senate, 21st District: Laura Ellman ellmanforillinois.com
State Senate, 41st District: Bridget Fitzgerald, votebridgetfitzgerald.com
State Senate 43th District: Pat McGuire (Incumbent)http://senatorpatmcguire.com/


DuPage County Judges:

Jeffrey M Jacodson, jeffjacobson4judge.com

Circuit Judge: Linda Davenport (Incumbent)  judgelindadavenport.com

DuPage County Forest Preserve President:

Daniel Hebreard:,https://www.facebook.com/pg/forestpreservepresident/about/?ref=page_internal

DuPage County Forest Preserve  District 3 Irfan Ibrahim www.irfan4forest.com

DuPage County Wide

Sheriff: Greg Whalen www.GregoryWhalen.com

Clerk: Jean Kaczmarek