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ova.elections.il.gov/                      www.dupageco.org/Election/Voting/37064/

Remember you register to vote in person the day of the elections at any polling place.

The Lisle Township Democrats do not endorse anyone until after the primary. We will provide names of potential candidates as we are made aware:


Daniel Biss and Litesa Wallace: Fighting for an Illinois for all of us. danielbiss.com

Bob Daiber and Jonathan W. Todd: Be a part of something bigger than the wallets of the powerful in Illinois. bobdaiber.com

Tio Hardiman and Patricia Avery: A vision for Illinois where equality fosters prosperity, and everyone has the opportunity to succeed. hardimanforillinois.org

Chris Kennedy and Ra Joy: Help restore opportunity in Illinois. kennedyforillinois.com

Robert Marshall:

Alex Paterakis: We can make Illinois affordable. alexpaterakis.com

J.B. Pritzker and Juliana Stratton: Think Big  jbpritzker.com


Scott Drury: scottdrury.org

Sharon Fairley: sharonfairley.com

Aaron Goldstein: www.facebook.com/Aarongoldstein4AG

Renato Mariotti: renatomariotti.com

Pat Quinn: quinnforillinois.com

Kwame Raoul: kwameraoul.com

Nancy Rotering: friendsofnancy.com

Jesse Ruiz: jesse4il.com

6th Congressional District

Becky Anderson (Wilkins): Beckyforillinois.com

Sean Casten: castenforcongress.com

Carole Cheney: caroleforcongress.com

Amanda Howland: amandahowlandforcongress.com

Ryan Huffman: huffmanforcongress.com

Kelly Mazeske: kellymazeski.com

Jennifer Zordani: zordaniforcongress.com


11th Congressional District: Bill Foster  (Incumbent), billfoster.com

11th District Committeemen: Julia Kennedy Beckman (incumbent) Kevin (Duffy) Blackburn (Incumbent)

Maggie Wunderly  wunderly4scc.com

County Board 2:

Liz Chaplin,(Incumbent) lizchaplin.com,

Arlene Kendorski, https://www.facebook.com/akendorskiDPCB2/

Claire Goldenberg, http://www.clairefordupage.com

County Board 3:

John Basco, johnbasco.com

Mehr Qayyum, facebook Mehrunisa Qayyum,

Julie Renehan, julierenehan.com

County Board 5:

Sadia Covert,voteforcovert.com,

Dawn DeSart

Illinois House

State Rep, 48th District: Terra Costa Howard, tchfor48.com
State Rep, 81st District: Anne Stava-Murray http://www.teamstavamurray.com/
State Rep, 42nd District: Kathy Carrier, votecarrier4rep.com

Illinois Senate

State Senate 24th District: Suzann Glowial, suzyforsenate.com
State Senate, 21st District: Laura Ellman ellmanforilsenate.com
State Senate, 41st District: Bridget Fitzgerald, votebridgetfitzgerald.com
State Senate 43th District: Pat McGuire (Incumbent)http://senatorpatmcguire.com/


DuPage County Judges:

David Stevens, davidstevensforjudge.com

Raleigh Kalbfleisch,

Jeffrey M Jacodson, jeffjacobson4judge.com

Circuit Judge: Linda Davenport (Incumbent)  judgelindadavenport.com

DuPage County Forest Preserve President:

Daniel Hebreard:,https://www.facebook.com/pg/forestpreservepresident/about/?ref=page_internal

DuPage County Forest Preserve  District 3: Irfan Ibrahim

DuPage County Wide

Sheriff: Greg Whalen

Clerk: Jean Kaczmarek