Lisle Township Democratic Organization


Article I:  Name

 The organization shall be known as the Lisle Township Democratic Organization (LTDO), as constituted by the Illinois Board of Elections and the Illinois State Legislature.

Article II:  Purpose

Section 1.  LTDO exists for the promotion of the principles of the Democratic Party in Lisle Township (the “Township”), DuPage County, the State of Illinois, and the United States, and to support elected officials and candidates at all levels of elective office who support those principles.


Section 2.  LTDO shall organize, encourage and inform Democratic voters in the Township, in order to bring about the election of Democratic Party candidates, to best serve all Township residents.


Section 3.  LTDO shall seek to ensure primary and intra-party election access to all Democrats.  Therefore, the official endorsement of LTDO shall not be given to individual candidates running in either primaries or intra-party elections.


Article III:  Membership


Section 1.  The membership year runs from January 1 through December 31.  Any membership dues paid beginning November 1 will apply toward membership for the following calendar year.


Section 2.  Any voter residing in Lisle Township is eligible for membership in the organization.  In addition, individuals residing outside of the Township, and students who have not yet reached voting age, are eligible to join as non-voting members.  A new member shall become a voting member (“Voting Member”) upon payment of dues, provided member has attended at least two (2) LTDO meetings within the preceding twelve (12) months; otherwise, a 10-day waiting period applies before new member becomes a Voting Member.  Former members who paid dues for the prior membership year may be reinstated as Voting Members upon payment of the current year’s dues without a waiting period.  Qualified Precinct Committee Persons who reside within the Township shall have immediate Voting Member status, upon payment of dues.  Dues shall be set from time to time by the Officers of LTDO.


Article IV:  Officers


Section 1.  The officers of LTDO shall be the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and Teams Coordinator (“Officers”).  Officers are elected by Voting Members.  The Officers collectively form the Executive Committee.


Section 2.  The Chair is responsible for leadership of LTDO, including setting the agenda for, and presiding over, meetings.  Chair shall designate team leaders, with the advice of the Teams Coordinator and, with the advice of the Executive Committee, fill any Officer positions that are vacated between elections.  The Chair leads Officers, Delegates, team leaders, members and other participants to achieve agreed-upon goals through research, discussion and development of specific objectives and timelines.  The Chair represents LTDO in dealings with the DPDC, other Township organizations, and other Democratic Party or independent organizations that share common goals and objectives with LTDO.  Chair will serve as representative of LTDO in media communications, including press inquiries and issuing of press releases.  Chair is authorized to engage in financial transactions on behalf of LTDO, within limitations described below.  In the event that the Chair is not available to attend to his/her responsibilities, shall designate Vice Chair or another Officer to act in the capacity of the Chair.  The Chair must be an elected Precinct Committee Person.


Section 3.  The Vice Chair shall act as Chair in his/her absence.  Vice Chair assists the Chair with such duties as instructed by the Chair.  Vice Chair succeeds to the position of Acting Chair in the event of vacancy in the office of the Chair, until a successor Chair is duly electedThe Vice Chair will also be responsible for all aspects of elections to include: timely research and preparation well ahead of election voting dates; candidate liaison to provide opportunities for candidates to educate LTDO members of their qualifications and needs; Teams creation to support LTDO election goals and objectives; identifying and effectively using election experts in campaigns, petitions, judging, poll watching, voter registration and data collection; effectively using DuPage Election Commission information especially when significant changes occur; working with and taking full advantage of information and support from Democratic Party of DuPage County, while also supporting its goals and objectives. Whenever possible, the Vice Chair shall be an elected Precinct Committee Person.


Section 4.  The Secretary shall inform the membership of all meetings, record the minutes of meetings, maintain lists of committees and committee members, as well as lists of election judges and registrars, and shall make such lists available to all members.  Secretary is the custodian of all LTDO records, and shall handle such correspondence as the Chair or other Officer(s) direct.  Whenever possible, the Secretary shall be an elected Precinct Committee Person.


Section 5.  The Treasurer shall be custodian of all monies belonging to the organization, and shall report the financial status to the membership at LTDO meetings.  Treasurer shall deposit monies in a financial institution approved by the Executive Committee, and shall maintain records of all receipts and expenditures.  The Treasurer shall maintain records of those persons who have paid membership dues.  The Treasurer shall file required periodic reports with the Illinois State Board of Elections and, upon request, present documentation for audit, if required.  Whenever possible, the Treasurer shall be an elected Precinct Committee Person.


Section 6.  The Teams Coordinator (“Coordinator”) will work with the Executive Committee as needed to support organizational goals, enhance coordination, efficiency, and otherwise meet LTDO objectives.  The Teams Coordinator will recommend what teams (“Teams”) are needed to the Executive Committee for approval.  Teams Coordinator will work with the Executive Committee to develop coordinated communication strategies for LTDO.  Teams Coordinator will stand in for Team coordinators if necessary, and provide appropriate support to improve Team cohesion.  Teams Coordinator will be responsible for setting up procedures for submitting LTDO events for approval by the Executive Committee.  Whenever possible, the Teams Coordinator shall be an elected Precinct Committee Person.


Article V:  Teams, Leadership Team, Coordinators


Section 1.  The Chair, with the advice of the Teams Coordinator and Executive Committee, shall maintain the following Teams, subject to periodic revision:  Membership, Outreach/Events/Fundraising, Democrats in Office, Precinct Committee Persons, Media and Communications, Voter Data, and Documentation/Archives.  All Teams shall provide periodic reports to the Executive Committee and general membership.


Section 2.  The positions of precinct committee persons coordinator (“PC Coordinator”) and communications coordinator (“Communications Coordinator”) are hereby created, and are appointed by the Chair.


Section 3.  The Executive Committee, PC Coordinator and Communications Coordinator, Delegates and Alternate Delegates shall comprise the LTDO Leadership Team (“Leadership Team”).


Section 4.  The Leadership Team will meet on a monthly basis, or at such frequency as desired by the Chair, to determine the agenda for the next general membership meeting.


Article VI:  Delegates, Alternate Delegates


Four (4) Delegates and four (4) Alternate Delegates, all of whom must be qualified Precinct Committee Persons, shall be elected by Voting Members at a regular meeting held within 30 days of the Democratic Party of DuPage County Convention.  Nominations for Delegates and Alternate Delegates may be received up to the time of the vote at the meeting at which the election takes place.  Delegates and Alternate Delegates will represent LTDO at DPDC Executive Committee Meetings.  The number of Delegates/Alternate Delegates who are eligible to vote at DPDC Executive Committee Meetings is determined by DPDC.  If fewer than four (4) Delegates are available to attend a DPDC Executive Committee Meeting, the Chair is responsible for designating Alternate Delegate(s) to attend in place of Delegate(s).


Article VII:  Elections


Section 1.  Elections of Officers shall take place at the LTDO meeting in May of each even-numbered year.  Nominations for Officers shall take place at the meeting when the election is held.  Voting members who wish to stand for election to an officer position are encouraged to contact the LTDO secretary prior to the monthly meeting at which the election is held, in order to facilitate informing Voting Members of his/her candidacy.


Section 2.  Only Voting Members are eligible to stand for election.  The Secretary shall determine which persons in attendance are Voting Members, using membership information provided by the Treasurer.


Section 3.  Notification of the election shall be sent to Voting Members by email and/or posted on the LTDO website not less than ten (10) days prior to the meeting at which the election shall take place.  This notification shall state that nominations will be taken at the upcoming meeting.


Section 4.  At the election meeting, each candidate shall be allotted an equal amount of time, as determined by the Chair, to present their platforms and qualifications for office.  A simple majority of the Voting Membership is required for election.  Newly elected Officers shall assume the duties of office immediately.


Section 5.  In the event of a contested election, votes will be cast in writing.


Article VIII:  Executive Committee


Section 1.  The Executive Committee shall consist of the Officers of LTDO.  A Majority of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum for Executive Committee Meetings.  Executive Committee members must cast votes individually, no proxy voting is allowed.  The Chair serves as chair of the Executive Committee.


Section 2.  The Executive Committee shall receive committee reports and recommendations, and forward these, when appropriate, to the LTDO membership.  The Executive Committee shall meet as often as necessary, as determined by the Chair, but at least once per year.


Section 3.  Members of the Executive Committee, with the exception of the Treasurer, are authorized to make purchases for goods and services on behalf of LTDO in amounts not to exceed $75.00 per month, in consultation with the Treasurer, to assure availability of LTDO funds. Purchases by the Treasurer in amounts of up to $75.00 require prior approval by the Chair; for larger purchases, regular rules for gaining approval shall apply.  Purchases of between $75.01 and $150.00 require approval of a majority of the Executive Committee, and are contingent on the availability of funds.  Purchases of $150.01 and higher require majority approval by Voting Members present at meetings where approval is sought.  However, printing and postage costs in any amount for brochures and other materials specifically pertaining to LTDO promotion require only a majority vote of the Executive Committee, subject to a limit of either (a) $800, or (b) 25 percent of available LTDO funds.  For higher amounts, such expense is subject to the approval of the LTDO voting membership.


Section 4.  The Executive Committee shall also comprise the budget committee (“Budget Committee”), which will be responsible for developing an annual budget which will be subject to approval by the Voting Membership.  Treasurer will be responsible for providing periodic reports to the Executive Committee and LTDO membership on fulfilling LTDO financial goals, as directed by the Chair.


Article IX:  Recall of Officers


Section 1.  To remove any Officer, a petition, signed by the greater of either 10 (ten) or one-third (1/3) of the Voting Members, shall first be presented to the Executive Committee.


Section 2.  The Executive Committee shall notify Voting Members, via email, of the petition to remove such Officer, and shall schedule a meeting within not less than fourteen (14), nor more than thirty (30), days after the petition is received.  At such meeting, the petitioner(s) shall present just cause for the removal of the Officer who, in turn, may choose to offer a rebuttal.


Section 3.  Approval by two-thirds (2/3) of Voting Members present and voting shall be required for removal of said Officer.


Article X:  General Procedures


Section 1.  All regular or special meetings of the LTDO, the Executive Committee, the Leadership Team, and any other LTDO Teams, shall be open to the public.


Section 2.  Required communications with the membership may be made via email, website posting, or postal delivery.


Section 3.  LTDO shall maintain a website that provides current information about the organization’s activities.  LTDO shall also strive to use other conventional and social media to reach existing and potential members.


Section 4.  Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern proceedings at all general membership meetings.  A parliamentarian may be appointed by the Chair.


Section 5.  Except for the purpose of amending this document, or for the election or removal of an officer, the quorum required to conduct LTDO business shall consist of ten (10) Voting Members, including the majority of the officers.  The quorum required for amending this document shall be twenty-five (25) percent of the Voting Membership.  The quorum required for the election or removal of any Officer shall be at least ten (10) percent of the Voting Membership.


Section 6.  Regular membership meetings shall be scheduled and held monthly, except when the Executive Committee, by a simple majority vote, decides it is in the best interest of LTDO to dispense with a monthly meeting.


Section 7.  Special meetings may be called by the Chair, or by the Executive Committee’s majority vote, or by petition filed with any Officer and signed by at least ten (10) Voting Members. Any special meeting will be held within not less that fourteen (14), nor more than thirty (30), days after the petition is received.  Notice of such meeting will be by email and/or posted on the LTDO website not less than ten (10) days prior to the meeting.


Article XI:  Amendments


Section 1.  Amendments to this document shall be proposed at a duly called meeting of the Voting Members, and shall be debated and voted upon at the next duly called meeting.  Copies of the proposed amendments shall be made available to Voting Members via email and/or posting on the LTDO website not less than ten (10) days prior to the meeting at which voting on the amendment(s) shall take place.


Section 2.  Any amendment, to become effective, must receive at least two-thirds (2/3) of the votes cast by Voting Members present and voting.


January, 1967 – Original Document

June, 1967 – Amended

June, 1977 – Amended

April, 1980 – Amended

December, 1983 – Amended

June, 1998 – Amended

March, 2007 – Amended

March, 2013 – Amended

October, 2017 – Amended

March, 2018 – Amended